Body & Mind Therapies


Reflexology £35
For stress, arthritis, pain relief & general wellbeing

Vertical reflexology £25

Reflexology & vertical reflexology £40

Therapeutic neck & shoulder massage
with vertical reflexology
Can result in instant flexibility & pain relief

Reiki healing £38

Hopi ear candles £32

Hopis with "TMJ" Bowen £38
Treats sinus problems, hayfever, snoring, migraines & more

Neck & shoulder massage (30 min) £25

Neck & shoulder massage (45 min) £28

Back, neck & head massage (45 min) £30

Back, neck & head massage (60 min) £35

Back, neck, head & face massage £38

Back, neck, head & buttocks £38

Aromatherapy full body massage £50

Therapeutic full body massage £55

Indian head massage, with oils £35

Full body hot stone therapy massage £65

Back massage with hot stones £38

Neck & shoulders with hot stones £32

Bowen Technique £40
The Bowen Technique encourages the body to realign itself. There is no manipulation or adjustment and no force is used. A highly effective pain relieving treatment that treats many ailments.

EMMETT Technique £40
A unique muscle release system to treat core musculoskeletal problems. Corrects Psoas imbalance, general mobility & flexibility and balance & stability.
EMMETT Technique can be incorporated into any holistic treatment for £5 extra


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